WTF is Predictive Analytics?

predictive analytics word cloudFriend: I heard you left Blackbaud. What are you up to now?

Kopperwoman: I’m in school again, getting my MS in Predictive Analytics.

Friend: WTF is Predictive Analytics?

Kopperwoman: Basically, it’s using data and statistics to make informed decisions.

Friend: [eyes glaze over]  Math is hard…

I’ve had almost infinite variations of this conversation since leaving my job in May. I’m trying to figure out how to explain “predictive analytics” in a way that will keep non-geeks with me. I think that what I need is stories and pictures.

So I’m going to blog about my adventures in predictive analytics and how I think they’re of value for nonprofit marketing and communications.  I’m going to do my best to be a storyteller. Come along for the ride if you want to learn with me; I’m in the MSPA program at Northwestern University if I haven’t already lost you.