Data Gotham

Just so you’re clear on exactly who I am: I spent my birthday at the DataGotham conference and I was thrilled to do so.

There were many high points, but the most enjoyable part was Baratunde Thurston. That’s right, the author of How To Be Black and former Digital Director from The Onion did a little data-geek stand-up. Pure win.

What, exactly, was DataGotham? It was a gathering of people from the loosely defined “New York City data community”and included Continue reading

WTF is Predictive Analytics?

predictive analytics word cloudFriend: I heard you left Blackbaud. What are you up to now?

Kopperwoman: I’m in school again, getting my MS in Predictive Analytics.

Friend: WTF is Predictive Analytics?

Kopperwoman: Basically, it’s using data and statistics to make informed decisions.

Friend: [eyes glaze over]  Math is hard… Continue reading