Not Just for Fundraising Anymore: Managing Programs with CRM Systems

It’s finally here!

My second appearance on Tony Martinetti Nonprofit Radio dropped this week. Take a listen!

Cover art for Tony Martinetti Nonprofit Radio.Back in March I ran a panel at NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (#19NTC) on using a CRM to manage programs at nonprofit organizations. Jake Grinstead of Simply360, Kai Williams of The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and Medha Nanal of Top Cloud Consulting all participated. It was really interesting to hear about all of the different ways organizations are using various Constituent Relationship Management Systems to manage their program operations. Continue reading

Net Neutrality: blah, blah, blah…

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You’ve been hearing the term “Net Neutrality” for a while now. You sort of know it’s about keeping open access to the internet, for all. But you haven’t looked into the boring details because other people are taking care of that for you. Now… TODAY… is the time to change that.

The FCC is rolling back the Net Neutrality protections put in place during the Obama administration. Today is the day where the internet comes together to stop them. If we don’t, big cable companies (in other words, your internet providers) will control what we see and do online. Widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, and extra fees will follow. Continue reading