I’ve Hit the Bigtime: Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Photo: being interviewed for Nonprofit Radio at 16NTC

Being interviewed for Nonprofit Radio.
L to R Oliver Seldman, Leah Kopperman, Jessica Teal

At the March 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference I was lucky enough to be interviewed–along with Oliver Seldman (who was with Advomatic at the time) and Jessica Teal–for Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.

Since this interview is about 20 minutes long, I guess that’s my 15 minutes.

We discussed the Component Based Design process, which we’re currently using at The Jewish Education Project. I’m the lead on a project where we’re combining our 5 websites into one, to better represent the full agency and the work we do. We’re working with Advomatic and Teal Media on the project and we expect to launch toward the end of 2016.

Listen using this embeded player, or subscribe in iTunes or on Android and look for episode #304: “Design on a Budget & Communications Mythbusters”

Component based design is a newer web design process used to produce a more flexible site with elements that can be rearranged and reused in various combinations. If you’re curious to learn more about it I recommend this episode of The Web Ahead where host Jen Simmons interviews Karen McGrane.

Stopping your head from spinning

head spinning?

head spinning?

When I think about measurement I get excited. Maybe that’s just me, but you’re missing out if you don’t feel at least a tiny thrill when you think about the possibilities for your organization.

A moment after my initial excitement my head starts to spin as I think of how many different things I could potentially look at and how much information I need to have available and I start to feel stuck in a Catch-22.

Internal voice 1: “I can’t know how my audience would feel about X if I don’t have data on X already available!” Continue reading