Who won the super bowl?

Some say the Ravens won. Others say Beyoncé. I think it was GlobalGiving with this tweet during the blackout:

I contacted Alison Carlman, the Unmarketing Manager at GlobalGiving and she generously shared information I knew would be useful to nonprofits working to hone their social media performance.

Me: I was really impressed with the @globalgiving tweet last night during the blackout.

Alison: Thanks for the compliment! It was a fun night on Twitter!

Me: How many gifts did the tweet generate? How much money? How many retweets?

Alison: I’ll share the results in terms of the ways we measure success for Twitter:

  • Applause rate: how much did people like what we said enough to dig deeper? (Measured by the number of clicks Continue reading

Stopping your head from spinning

head spinning?

head spinning?

When I think about measurement I get excited. Maybe that’s just me, but you’re missing out if you don’t feel at least a tiny thrill when you think about the possibilities for your organization.

A moment after my initial excitement my head starts to spin as I think of how many different things I could potentially look at and how much information I need to have available and I start to feel stuck in a Catch-22.

Internal voice 1: “I can’t know how my audience would feel about X if I don’t have data on X already available!” Continue reading