What do nonprofits need in a database?

Image of interlocking gears representing how data fits together, including marketing, fundraising, and analytics.It depends…

I know that’s not the answer you want, but it’s the answer you need. There is no “one size fits all” database solution for nonprofit organizations. But there is a set of questions you should ask about your needs before you start talking to vendors. The answers are critical if you want to select the correct database for your organization.

Must-ask questions before you begin

  1. Why are you looking for a database right now? What is the overall problem you’re trying to solve or goal you’re trying to reach?
  2. What kind of data will you be storing and how will you use it? Fundraising? Membership? Volunteer management? Marketing/communications? Event registration? Community mobilization? Managing your organization’s programs? Some other specialized use? All of the above?
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Net Neutrality: blah, blah, blah…

Originally published on BonnieMcEwan.com

You’ve been hearing the term “Net Neutrality” for a while now. You sort of know it’s about keeping open access to the internet, for all. But you haven’t looked into the boring details because other people are taking care of that for you. Now… TODAY… is the time to change that.

The FCC is rolling back the Net Neutrality protections put in place during the Obama administration. Today is the day where the internet comes together to stop them. If we don’t, big cable companies (in other words, your internet providers) will control what we see and do online. Widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, and extra fees will follow. Continue reading